The land site for Oak Ridge Baptist Church, consisting of two acres, was donated by M.H. Wooten and wife, Nancy J. Wooten. The deed made to the church and its trustees was dated April 26, 1895. Indications are that soon after this date a building was constructed which stood west of the present building.
On February 15, 1896, at Cross Roads Baptist Church, a petition for the organization of a church at Oak Ridge was presented. Upon motion a committee was named as an arm to set apart and organize said church. Upon request Cross Roads granted letters of recommendation to about thirty-five members who desired to become members of Oak Ridge.
Two weeks later, on February 29, 1896, this committee, composed of Isaac Cranfill, F.M. Danner, J.W.D. Baity, F.M. Hendricks, Nathan C. Cranfill, and J.V. Howell met with a group at Oak Ridge. George W. Baity acted as moderator and I.J. Cranfill as clerk. All of these were from Cross Roads (now Courtney) Baptist Church. Reverend S.S. May and Joel Reavis were added to the arm for the purpose of organizing the church. Reverend S.S. May read the sixteenth chapter of Acts and preached from a portion of this scripture. Upon motion the clerk read the names of all who requested letter of recommendation from the mother church. William A. Brandon and N.H. Comer were recognized as deacons coming from Cross Roads. William A. Brandon (Fish Brandon's father) died on March 23, 1896 and was the first person buried in the cemetery. The body was recognized as a properly constituted church and Reverend W.A. Myers was elected the first pastor, and Charlie M. Reavis, clerk.
The first revival was held in August, 1897 and was called the "Big Meeting." Since that time revivals have been held twice a year.
In 1917 Oak Ridge was received into the Yadkin Association. It has sent delegates since July, 1896.
On January 2, 1929, the church voted to build a new house of worship. As a result, the present building with four Sunday School rooms in back, minus the east and west wings, was completed in August of the same year. The building was dedicated on May 29, 1932.
In 1947 the church was designated as South Oak Ridge Baptist Church. From the time of organization until 1947, the church held regularly what was known as "Saturday Meetings." Fourteen rules of decorum were adopted, and business meetings have held on Sunday since 1947.
In the early 1950's Bynum and Ila Reavis provided funds for graded driveways and adding gravel on the drive around the church. Later the church added blacktop.
In 1954 Sunday School enrollment increased and the need arose for more space. The east wing was constructed and consisted of four Sunday School rooms, two halls, a stairway, two restrooms, a punched well on the grounds, and water in the building. The following year the church was debt free. The first Sunday in November 1955 the new addition was dedicated.
In 1958 construction was begun on the west wing and was dedicated in August 5, 1962. Among the many features added to the church during this construction was a fellowship hall, a kitchen, the brick veneering of the sanctuary, new art glass windows, the baptistery, choir space, and new pulpit area. Flossie Reavis donated the windows, Troy Reavis donated the baptistery, and Tuttle Reavis bequeathed a donation to the church.
In 1961, a library was established. The church voted on a plan of rotation for deacons.
In 1972 the picnic shelter and barbeque fireplace was built.
In 1977 an acre of land was donated by the Z.H. Reavis family and an eight room pastorium was begun. On November 7, 1977 dedication services were held for this beautiful church home.
In 1987 the new Fellowship Building was constructed. This building includes additional Sunday School rooms This new building was built over the picnic/barbeque area.
In April of 1995 renovation of the sanctuary was started with special work  including:  new carpet, pew cushions, choir chairs, light fixtures, sound systems, finishing all woodwork, new doors and handles, and refurbishing and painting the unique tin-work on walls and ceilings. The dedication of this new sanctuary was held Sunday, June 4, 1995.
In June of 1984 an initial Bible study was held in a member couples home, During the summer months, a former welding shop became available as a meeting facility, a backyard Bible club was held, and a continuing mission Bible study was established, The mission was name The Bread of Life Chapel.
In October of 1984, South Oak Ridge Baptist Church, along with the Yadkin Baptist Association, voted to continue sponsoring and supporting the newly formed group as a full time mission with Phil Kitchen continuing as the mission pastor on a part time basis.
Attendance and member ship grew over the next two years. The Bread of Life Chapel was constituted as a church on April 20, 1986. South Oak Ride is the mother church to this neighboring new church which is now self-supporting and growing.
The 100+ years of life of South Oak Ridge Baptist Church has been very fruitful. The church is a member of the Yadkin Baptist Association, North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.
"Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his holy mountain, for the Lord our God is holy."
Psalm 99:9